Buffalo Guided Hunt

Most buffalo hunts are booked in December through February and last 3 days . Hunts are normally Saturday through Monday.  Please make arrangements to arrive the evening before your hunt before 6 pm.

Method of hunting is spot and stock.  Individuals should be in good physical condition and be able to walk one mile on uneven terrain without stopping.

Recommended firearms are a large caliber scoped rifle sited in for 200 yards( 30- 06 or bigger).  Most shots are taken between 200 – 300 yards from tripod shooting sticks.

Wounding Policy –  Any buffalo clearly wounded by a hunter may be shot by guide to prevent losing track of the wounded animal in a large herd. Any buffalo clearly wounded and not recovered will be considered a taken animal.

Hunters should bring several sharp skinning knives and a sharpening stone. Hunters should bring 1 large plastic tarp and 1 medium plastic tarp for transporting quarters and cape. Bison quarters are too large for game bags.

Hunt includes assistance in skinning, quartering and loading of animals. We will issue a bill of sale for your meat processor and taxidermist.


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