Cougar Mountain Lion Hunt

Mountain Lion hunts are conducted on dry ground in the rugged desert mountains or in the Gila National forest.  These hunts are booked in coordination with Gary Webb Guide and Outfitter.  We will hunt in whatever area we feel is best for getting a tom lion.  Hunts are booked in December through March for seven days of hunting.  Success runs about 70%.

Lion hunts are the most physically demanding hunts that we do.  You should be in good to excellent condition before booking these hunts.  Expect to spend long hours in the saddle riding mules through rugged terrain following the hounds as they trail a lion.  When the terrain is too rough for the mules we go on foot.  Light saddle carbines such as a 30-30 Winchester or 45 long Colt will work well.  Avoid large scoped rifles for this hunt.  Licenses are over the counter, however, it must be purchased two days before you start your hunt.  This can be done online.  Hunts are fully guided including meals, lodging and transportation during the hunt.  Lodging may include bunk house or RV depending on time of year and location.  Non-hunters CAN NOT be accommodated on these hunts.

We use 4×4 trucks, mules and ATVs to cover as much ground as possible to find fresh lion tracks. Most lions are caught in bluffs and hiking is often required to reach a bayed lion. Good physical condition is a must for the success of this hunt.

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