Mule and Coues Deer Hunt

Mule Deer

Mule deer rifle hunts are fully guided and take place the 1st and 2nd week of November for 5 days each.  Muzzle loader hunts are the last week of October for 5 days.  Archery hunts are the 1st two weeks of January for 6 days.

Method of hunt is spot and stalk or tracking.  This is a physically demanding hunt and hunters should expect to walk several mile a day for several days.  Rifle hunt success is 90% and 100% shooting opportunity.  Apply for licenses with our New Mexico outfitter number through the New Mexico draw before March deadline.  All Non-hunters will pay $200 per day for the entire hunt.



Coues White Tail Deer

Coues Deer are found in the more rugged areas of the ranch and can be successfully hunted on horse back and on foot using spot and stalk.

Public Draw Tags.  Muzzle loader season is the last weekend of October for 5 days. Rifle Season is the 1st and 2nd week of November – 2 separate 5 day hunts. Archery season is the first two weeks of January – 6 day hunts.


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