Quail and Dove Hunt


The ranch has three species of quail including Gambles and Scaled quail.  The season runs for three months approximately starting November 15th through February 15th.  Dove may be hunted during December during the same time as quail with a migratory bird permit.  The ranch has many miles of dirt roads and stock waters where quail concentrate as well as open grass lands, thick brush and mountain canyons.

4 day package which includes meals, lodging and semi-guided.  Bring your own extra fuel.  Minimum 2 days.

Morning, White-Winged, Eurasian Collared Dove

Dove are available in September and December. Dove are hunted around water holes and irrigated fields. Bring plenty of shells. Bird dogs are welcome. Accommodations are available.

Water Fowl

December and January are the times for Water Fowl. Water fowl can be hunted off of ranch ponds, wheat fields and occasionally a dry lake that retains water from summer rains. Water fowl includes several species of duck and geese.


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